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Pensacola Scuba Training

Begin SCUBA diving today - the opportunities are virtually endless! Advances in equipment and training has made diving one of the safest sporting activities available and nearly anyone can participate! We take great pride in our reputation for producing the areas most knowledgeable, skilled, and confident new divers! Our training programs are specifically designed with FUN and FLEXIBILITY in mind, and any course we offer can be tailored to your specific needs or schedule. Whether you're interested in a course for yourself, the entire family, or a group, we've got the training program you've been looking for! No pressure, no stress, pure fun!

Whether you're looking for the thrill of adventure or the ultimate escape, scuba diving has something to offer everyone.

Learn to Dive

Now you can complete the initial home study portion of the Open Water SCUBA certification course online, on your schedule. Our experience has shown that students that complete the home study portion of their training online perform better during the rest of their training.

MBT now offers e-Learning programs that allow our students to complete the academic home study portion of the class anywhere, any time. No driving back and forth all week to sit in class. No trying to get off work to make class on time. No long drug-out classroom sessions at the end of a hard day. You even take the final exam AT HOME!

After you complete the home study portion online, you can complete the rest of your training at MBT! All certifications issued by MBT instructors are recognized worldwide, and you'll receive the same high quality of training regardless of which agency issues your card. There is some variation in price due to differences in administrative and academic costs between the agencies.

To complete the SDI open water certification course for $289, you can sign up in person, over the phone, or you can enroll directly online. If you sign up via the link below, SDI will bill you $129.95 for enrolling and you will receive credit toward the total cost of the course. The balance of $130.00 will be charged when you come in for the orientation session.

We offer SDI open water classes every week! Click the link below and select MBT Divers as your selected training facility to get started right away!

SDI open water certification course for $289

MBT eLearning Scuba Courses

SDI Scuba Training Pensacola

PADI Certifications

MBT Divers also offers open water SCUBA certifications through PADI with prior scheduling. PADI currently requires online registration for open water courses taught through their web portal. Please call us at (850) 455-7702 for your student sign-in code. We'll also be happy to address any questions or concerns you have about any of our scuba courses.

The practical portion of our PADI Open Water Diver courses are available on an as-needed basis. Please call the shop at (850) 455-7702 and we'll be happy to let you know when a PADI instructor is available.

Beginning Open Water SCUBA Course

 MBT offers the most flexible and enjoyable scuba instruction program in the area. All of our courses are self paced and are designed to provide our students with the complete SCUBA experience and much more than just the minimum requirements! Our award winning training program now allows you to complete the majority of the academic course work online! Diving is fun, your course should be too!! Diving is fun, your course should be too!!

Why take the Open Water Course? - The Open Water SCUBA Certification course is the first level that divers complete to begin diving on their own. The course will teach you how to properly choose, assemble, use, and care for SCUBA equipment, and how to safely plan and conduct dives. Students completing the course are issued a certification card that is accepted worldwide which will allow you to rent equipment, get tanks filled, and participate in charters and tours.

Why Online Training? - We understand that your time is valuable, and providing online training for the academic portion of the class allows our students to complete the material at their own pace and on their own schedule. We find that students completing the online work are typically better prepared for the in water portion of their training. Personal assistance is always available for students needing help with any of the material.

Course Schedules - Our fun, self-paced courses make it easy to complete the course without the hassle of tight schedules and no penalties for missed classes. Our online home study format means less time in the classroom. No pressure. No wasted time. No strict schedules to meet. It's easy and you can start today! Our goal is to make SCUBA training available for anyone that wants to learn to dive. Regularly scheduled classes begin every week and weekend only courses and other special courses are available for those with tight schedules. While many students complete the course and become certified scuba divers in a week or less, students have up to one year to complete the training. With online training, it's easy and you can start today!

Note - These are typical schedules. Days and times are subject to change and all times are approximate. Make sure to call ahead to reserve your seat and confirm times for each class.


The course does not have to be completed in consecutive days...you can split it up as needed!


This schedule is designed for students coming from out of the local area.

Course Format - Following the completion of the online course work, you will have a minimum of one classroom session, one pool session, and two days of diving. You progress to each next step when YOU and your instructor feel you are ready. Our enjoyable “no pressure” program allows you to receive as much extra work as necessary to make you confident and comfortable and get you certified!

Certification Dives - At MBT Divers we prefer to maximize your training and enjoyment by conducting your certification dives in carefully selected locations such as crystal clear freshwater springs and during spectacular dives in the Gulf of Mexico. Specific training sites are carefully chosen daily based upon student preferences and site conditions.

Certification - At the completion of the course, you will be certified to dive within recognized recreational limits. As an openwater diver we can train at a max depth of 60 feet. We do strongly recommend that if you intend to regularly conduct dives below 60' that you complete the Deep Diving specialty course or an Advanced Open Water certification. Leaving the local area or planning to travel? Your certification will be recognized and gladly accepted by dive shops, charter boats, and resorts throughout the world.

Equipment - The only equipment you will be required to provide will be your own SCUBA-Quality mask, snorkel, fins, and booties. Gloves and a personal weight belt are highly recommended. We offer a significant discount to our students on all of these and other items! MBT will provide all other equipment required during the open water course at no extra charge.

Additional Training - MBT offers a full range of courses. Whether you're interested in Specialty, Advanced, Nitrox, or one of our many Technical courses, we offer the training program you're looking for, and all of our courses are designed with fun and flexibility in mind. Click here for more information on MBT's Advanced Open Water Certification Course.

Who can learn? - Anyone that is over the age of 10, in good health, and can swim comfortably in the water can learn to dive. What about Medical Conditions? There are certain medical conditions or medications that can prevent a person from being able to dive safely. In some cases approval from your doctor may be required before you can be enrolled in a SCUBA training class. Give us a call at (850) 455-7702 if you would like more information.

Cost - At MBT Divers, we pride ourselves in being honest with our customers from the start. The cost of our open water certification course includes all academic materials, Instructor Fees, SCUBA Equipment rental, air fills, Log Book, and administrative Fees. Our students also receive a free 6 month subscription to "Dive Training" magazine. Individual entry fees to parks and springs (typically $8-$20) are not included. These fees do not always apply, and are not a requirement to completing the course.

Kids and SCUBA training - While children as young as 10 can get certified to SCUBA Dive, not all 10 year olds are mentally or physically ready to undergo the training. For children under 14 years of age, we like to meet with the child and parent before enrolling the child in a SCUBA training program. For Legal reasons, kids under 13 are not allowed to complete the training online, and kids 12 and under must be enrolled in a private class. For students under the age of 16, a parent or legal guardian must be present for all in water activities.

Open Water eLearning Course

Complete Your NITROX Training Online

Nitrox - The regular use of Nitrox by recreational Scuba Divers represents one of the most important advances in the sport in recent history. If you're not already diving with Nitrox, you're missing out! Now you can complete your NITROX training online at home!

What is Nitrox? - Nitrox simply defines a gas mix of Nitrogen and Oxygen - our atmosphere's basic components. You are breathing NITROX right now, at an approximate ratio of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. When we speak of NITROX in the context of Scuba Diving, we are generally referring to "Enriched Air Nitrox" (EAN), meaning that we're breathing a mixture in which the percentage of Oxygen has been increased to some level above 21%. The most popular recreational NITROX mixes consist of 32% (EAN32) and 36% oxygen (EAN36).

Why Nitrox? - The most important benefit gained by the use of NITROX in recreational diving is increased diver safety. By increasing the percentage of oxygen in our breathing gas, we are also reducing the percentage of nitrogen we take in, reducing the amount of residual nitrogen that remains in the body, and resulting in a mathematical reduction in the risk of decompression illness, commonly known as the "bends". Additional benefits gained by the use of NITROX can include dramatically increased maximum no-decompression time limits or "bottom time", and reduced surface interval requirements for repetitive dives. Many divers using Nitrox report additional physical benefits from the use of Nitrox such as lower incidents of "dry mouth", and less fatigue following a day of diving. Chances are, the equipment you are currently using is perfectly suitable for use with most recreational Nitrox mixes.

Nitrox Tanks - Scuba cylinders and valves used for EAN / Nitrox must be "oxygen cleaned" to insure against contaminants that could react negatively to higher percentages of Oxygen encountered during the filling process. An oxygen safe cylinder is not necessarily limited to use for EAN. As long as a fill station provides oxygen compatible air, NITROX tanks can usually be used for either Nitrox or Air once they are cleaned.

Nitrox Regulators - Nearly all “late model” Regulators produced by the major manufacturers may be used with recreational mixes of Nitrox with no modification necessary. Older regulators and those used for richer mixes (greater than 40%) must be cleaned and be made oxygen compatible.

Nitrox Training - Specific training is required to safely use and realize the full benefits associated with the recreational use of Nitrox. As with every course we offer, MBT Divers provides Nitrox specialty training with Fun and Flexibility in mind. All you need is your Basic open water certification! The course is easy and is normally completed in just one day!

Course Scheduling - Nitrox courses are normally scheduled weekly. Other times or days may be available if needed. Call the shop to sign up or to discuss alternative scheduling. Now you can complete your NITROX training online for only $119 ($109 for Military/Students).

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