Inshore Sites 

Depths of 40' - 50'           2 Tank Dive $150

Three Coal Barges

  • DEPTH: 50ft
  • DISTANCE FROM SHORE: 5NM E. SE. off the Pensacola Pass
  • COORDINATES: 30 17.450’N, 085 38-23.40’W
  • SHIP SPECS: three 200ft barges
  • LIFE SPAN: Sunk in 1974
  • BRIEF HISTORY: In 1974 the three barges broke free from their transport vessel and landed in their final resting place. To prevent the barges from being hazardous to other vessels, explosives experts from the U.S. Navy decided to sink the barges to create an easy, safe diving experience for all dive levels. Divers can find a vast amount of marine life and shells. Hurricanes have hit this site hard and could have been moved around or covered. The Three Barges are #1 on the Panhandle Shipwreck Trail.

    MRP Report 003 pp. 125

Joe Patti Barge

  • DEPTH: 50ft
  • DISTANCE FROM SHORE: 3NM E off the Pensacola Pass
  • COORDINATES: 30 17.330’N, 87 13.755’W
  • SHIP SPECS: 175ft length, 40ft beam, 10ft draft
  • LIFE SPAN: 2013
  • BRIEF HISTORY: The Joe Patti Barge is named after a Sicilian fishing boat captain who founded the Joe Patti Seafood Company. His first fish market was opened in 1935 and is still operational in Pensacola as one of the largest seafood markets in town. The metalwork that can be found welded to the Barge represents all things Pensacola. There is a mock bar with stools and colorful beer mugs along the barge, giving a welcoming adventure for those living or visiting Pensacola. The upper structure sits at just 35ft making it a fantastic dive for all experience levels.

    MRP Report 003 pp. 194

USS Massachusetts

  • DEPTH: 25 – 30FT
  • DISTANCE FROM SHORE: 1.5NM S., SE. off the Pensacola Pass
  • COORDINATES: 30 17.795’N, 87 18.720’W
  • SHIP SPECS: 350ft length, 75ft width
  • LIFE SPAN: 1896 - 1921
  • BRIEF HISTORY: The USS Massachusetts (BB-2) is a heavily armored, heavy caliber battleship that was commissioned in 1896 and is considered one of the nation’s oldest battleships. It was not built with a bilge keel, causing it to be extremely unstable. The Massachusetts participated in the Spanish American War and was used as a gunnery practice ship during WWI. She was sunk in 1921 during a training exercise by guns at Fort Pickens. During WWII NAVY pilots would use her for target practice. Many fishermen enjoy this wreck.
  • MRP Report 003 pp. 75

*All dives require dive computers or watches.*