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The SDI specific classes offered include Computer Nitrox, CPR/First Aid and O2 provider, and TDI Technical Courses: TDI Nitrox Diver, TDI Intro to Tech Diving, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, and TDI Trimix Diver.


CPR/First Aid and O2 Provider

Whether it’s being on the scene of an accident or witnessing a medical emergency, most people will be involved in a crisis at some point in their lives. First aid training and incident management skills empower people to step up and take action should these situations arise.

These courses are required for the rescue course and further training.


Computer Nitrox Diver

The regular use of Nitrox by recreational Scuba Divers represents one of the most important advances in the sport in recent history. If you're not already diving with Nitrox, you're missing out! Now you can complete your NITROX training online at home!


Nitrox simply defines a gas mix of Nitrogen and Oxygen - our atmosphere's basic components. You are breathing NITROX right now, at an approximate ratio of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. When we speak of NITROX in the context of Scuba Diving, we are generally referring to "Enriched Air Nitrox" (EAN), meaning that we're breathing a mixture in which the percentage of Oxygen has been increased to some level above 21%. The most popular recreational NITROX mixes consist of 32% (EAN32) and 36% oxygen (EAN36).


The most important benefit gained by the use of NITROX in recreational diving is increased diver safety. By increasing the percentage of oxygen in our breathing gas, we are also reducing the percentage of nitrogen we take in, reducing the amount of residual nitrogen that remains in the body, and resulting in a mathematical reduction in the risk of decompression illness, commonly known as the "bends". Additional benefits gained by the use of NITROX can include dramatically increased maximum no-decompression time limits or "bottom time", and reduced surface interval requirements for repetitive dives. Many divers using Nitrox report additional physical benefits from the use of Nitrox such as lower incidents of "dry mouth", and less fatigue following a day of diving. Chances are, the equipment you are currently using is perfectly suitable for use with most recreational Nitrox mixes.


Scuba cylinders and valves used for EAN / Nitrox must be "oxygen cleaned" to insure against contaminants that could react negatively to higher percentages of Oxygen encountered during the filling process. An oxygen safe cylinder is not necessarily limited to use for EAN. As long as a fill station provides oxygen compatible air, NITROX tanks can usually be used for either Nitrox or Air once they are cleaned.


Nearly all “late model” Regulators produced by the major manufacturers may be used with recreational mixes of Nitrox with no modification necessary. Older regulators and those used for richer mixes (greater than 40%) must be cleaned and be made oxygen compatible.


Specific training is required to safely use and realize the full benefits associated with the recreational use of Nitrox. As with every course we offer, MBT Divers provides Nitrox specialty training with Fun and Flexibility in mind. All you need is your Basic open water certification! The course is easy and is normally completed in just one day!


Nitrox courses are normally scheduled weekly. Other times or days may be available if needed. Call the shop to sign up or to discuss alternative scheduling. Now you can complete your NITROX training online for only $149 ($129 for Military/Students).