Specialty Offshore Dives

Depths of 65' - 120'             2 Tank Dive $250

New Venture

  • DEPTH: 62-121ft
  • DISTANCE FROM SHORE: 25 mi S. off Perdido Pass
  • COORDINATES: 29 54.052’N 087 32.896’W
  • SHIP SPECS: 250ft Survey and Research Vessel
  • LIFE SPAN: 1986 - 2018
  • BRIEF HISTORY: The ship was originally built for Alpha Marine Services as a survey vessel in February of 1986. She was sold to Fairfield Industries, Inc and renamed Fairfield New Venture. The New Venture was ultimately in the hands of the Alabama Marine Resources from oil spill funds from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in Alabama. She was intensively cleaned and prepped to be deployed as an artificial reef. On June 20. 2018, the New Venture was officially sent to the seafloor and is now a popular diving spot.

    Reef Smart Guides pp. 54-59


  • DEPTH: 61-116 ft
  • DISTANCE FROM SHORE: 19.5 mi S. off Perdido Pass
  • COORDINATES: 29 59.520’N 087 33.037’W
  • SHIP SPECS: 271 ft Coastal Freighter
  • LIFE SPAN: 1972 - 2013
  • BRIEF HISTORY: The ship was originally a cargo freighter built in the Netherlands in 1972. She went through multiple name changes starting with the Ingeborg and ending with the Yokamu. Through the joint efforts of reef maker Walter Marine and Mac McAleer, the vessel was renamed LuLu and scuttled in May 2013. The sinking went on with no explosives since it was a controlled scuttling, and she had an audience watch her float to the seabed.
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